Rules & Regulations

Cadet College Warsak

Rules & Regulations



Conduct and Discipline 

Good conduct is the hallmark of a good human being and its significance has to be stressed at home by parents and at school by teachers and the college management. All religions including Islam emphasises the need for enforcement of good conduct. To say “please” and “thank you”, to wish others when you meet them, to respect elders, teachers, parents and those in authority are only some aspects of good conduct. Observing college rules, praying regularly, punctuality, respect for those in authority and elders, good performance in examinations, helping other cadets, maintaining hyegiene and cleanliness, dressing smartly, performing well in class and examinations, actively participating in co and extra curricular activities shall constitute good conduct. Commendation certificates and prizes will be awarded for good conduct. Good conduct does not however, need rules which are essential for preventing misconduct and for which rules need to be prescribed. The Conduct and Discipline Rules are given below: 

Acts of Misconduct 

The following acts shall be considered as misconduct.
  1. Use of abusive language with teachers, cadet college employees and anybody inside or outside the college.
  2. Humiliating, insulting or hurting the religious, cultural, linguistic or sectarian feelings of others.
  3. Showing disrespect for teachers, elders and those in authority in the college
  4. Littering and spitting
  5. Smoking or taking any intoxicating substance
  6. Not wearing correct uniform
  7. Not observing cleanliness and hygiene i.e. Unkempt hair, unclean teeth, body or clothes.
  8. Coming late to classes, to the mess, to college activities and functions or willful absence from any of the activities.
  9. Examination offences like cheating
  10. Causing loss or damage to college or public property
  11. Violating any rule made by the college
  12. Possession of electric and electronic goods like radios, tape/DVD recorders, Cameras, heaters, electric irons and more than one mobile phones etc.
  13. Raising slogans of any nature against the college the management or any other person or body
  14. Any manner of demonstration
  15. Visiting those places which have been / are declared out of bounds for cadets from time to time.
  16. Any other action that can be construed as misconduct.
  17. Cadets must get their hair cut before rejoining the college after holidays, summer vacation or long weekend etc.
  18. Failing to rejoin on expiry of authorized leave. Or coming late from leave. 


Misconduct can lead to permanent expulsion from the college or :-

The Principal directly or on the recommendation of following authorities is authorised to award punishments:-

  1. Vice Principal
  2. The Adjutant
  3. Director of studies
  4. Senior House Master
  5. House Masters Any teacher or college employee authorized by the Principal. 

Gross Misconduct

Following will constitute acts of “Gross Misconduct/Heinous offences”

  1. Shouting, abusing and/or using physical force on any person.
  2. Possessing fire arm/dagger/fighting knife/knuckle duster/Fist Hook.
  3. Using/posssessing any intoxicant
  4. Smoking
  5. Cheating, Lying, Stealing and acts of moral turpitude
  6. Gross disrespect by word/gesture/act to any employee of the college by cadet or his parent/relative in/out of campus
  7. Any action/misconduct outside the college campus or any action un-becoming of a cadet of this institution likely to violate the good order of the college or any other offence which in the opinion of the Principal requires expulsion from the College. In case of a serious offence, a cadet may be expelled without previous warning to his parents.
  8. Driving by cadets in the campus is not allowed.
  9. Absent without leave for three or more days 


  1. Punishment for gross misconduct will be suspension or immediate expulsion of the cadet from the college.
  2. The decision of the Principal in all discipline matters will be deemed as final, and not challengeable in any court of law.
  3. Cadet College Warsak reserves the right of admission. The Principal has the authority to refuse admission
  4. Once a cadet is withdrawn from the college or is struck off the college strength, he cannot be re-admitted. In rare cases, however the Principal may exercise his discretion to allow re-admission for which complete admission will be charged.
  5. All correspondence in all matters should be addressed to the Principal.