Chemistry Lab

Cadet College Warsak

Chemistry Lab



Chemistry Lab is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which experiments and measurements may be performed. Providing students with meaningful science lab experience.

Chemistry lab is located in the junior academic block. Cadets not only learn about the nature but also about the scientific processes and conducts their concerned experiments through proper procedures. Chemistry lab is fully equipped to conduct the practicales of SSC and HSSC. There are four member of faculty assisted by one lab attendant to look after the needs of SSC and HSSC Level cadets. Has enough space to facilitate effective student learning with one spacious Experimental room. Multimedia for enhancing a student’s understanding of complex scientific concepts. A spacious Chemical Store Room. Computer with fast internet. Lab provides each student with goggles and disinfectant, heat resistant gloves, disposable gloves, a safety shield and apron. Lab includes an eye wash station, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, and first aid kit for students. College admin schedules regular maintenance to assure that safety equipment should remain in working condition. We have rearranged new furniture and lab equipment in order to deliver best lab instructions to students. Chemistry lab follows the square footage guidelines and best practices recommended by BISE Peshawar KPK text book board syllabus. 

Experiment and materials

Chemistry lab Equipments are well maintained. Materials are up-to-date and enough supplies are available to match curriculum needs without unneeded excess. Teaching staff of chemistry department is highly skilled using, Bunsen burners, balances, thermometers, electric furnaces, water distillation plant, glass apparatus, vacuum filtering, flasks, and oven. To ensure the lab contains relevant and working equipment materials.